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Going forward people need to see financials, ownership and management structure, proof of deposit, customer service that works, competitive pricing, adequate liquidity, advanced order features, good APIs.Meanwhile, CaVirtEx is very very far behind in their, well, everything:.

But before we get into solutions lets look at the reasons why we implemented them in the first place.We now offer FREE in-person cash deposits so you can go to any MoneyMart, CashMoney, or Insta-cheque to fund your account.CAVIRTEX wants to acknowledge that we mishandled the implementation and communication of this policy and are taking steps to remedy the situation.But now that VoS is threatening you you suddenly care about the community and your customers and are lowering fees.

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Hopefully we can have a large amount of competition to keep the market best for the consumers.Sorry for that last barb Kyle, but you might not be needed if they were giving your salary to the investors as dividends.Improve on you answers to your shareholders when they are asking you about the performance of your company.

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It is legal to use a middle name in public and I did so in an effort to ward off social engineering.Having said this the way we implemented this was terrible, and we apologize.

Vogogo is only support by some banks and for me the same bank supports Interac Online.I feel that UX needs to be rigid and straight forward so children and seniors know what to do.I took a few hours to gather up evidence, print out documents and build a case.Kraken (bitcoin exchange) From. the American Coinsetter and the Canadian Cavirtex.Romanian Bitcoin Entrepreneur Steps In To Pay OpenBSD Shortfall More.

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Unfortunately I have just closed my account with cavirtex, and have opened one up at VoS.Special message to bitcoin users: I created this website to provide quality links for the bitcoin community.Specifically, TD, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Desjardins and ING dropped Vogogo due to their involvement in the Bitcoin industry.

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During the great rush of 2013 we got way behind on verifications and it took us a long time to catch-up.Not easy, and I think people are often quick to attack and focus on the negatives.

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If I was around then I would have voiced my opinion but hindsight is 20-20.People use their credit card to pay with things because they know they can screw the vendor with little effort.Posted on November 18, 2015 Author Andrew Wagner Categories Interviews Tags bitcoin, bitcoin canada, bitcoin exchange, canada, cavirtex, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, litecoin.

Sample Page Dean Masley explains. which covered rumors around CAVirtex. ranging from Facebook to BitcoinTalk.Promotion of client software which attempts to alter the Bitcoin protocol without overwhelming consensus is not permitted.Fix the front-end now so you can have a chance to rewrite the whole thing from scratch.

So the court would rule with the exchange and no fraud would take place.If ever I saw a scuzzball move to make it more legit, this is it.

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We will be making a post about the dividend situation and our plans moving forward based on the feedback.

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