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The fault is with the CC policy that does not support these kinds of transactions.For a great tutorial with a video on how to convert your Paypal funds to Bitcoin using Localbitcoin visit.Purchases made with hacked paypal accounts will still be chargebacked, whether the hacker bought a virtual good or anything else.I hope this can help me and others who have been scammed get the chargeback reversed.The current process is just going through the motions, the next communication will be to break the bad news in about 2-6 weeks.

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With a single click of the mouse or QR scan from your smartphone, you.

Press center. Find. This is due to cases where someone buys bitcoins with PayPal,.PayPal announced a partnership with three big Bitcoin processors.And finally, there is the ability to deposit cash at a bank (presuming you are in the U.S.), the need to use something like PayPal has lessened.Hi I am a seller on eBay and I sell alt. coins like Dogecoin.Please check if you need to update your post to make it a good fit on this topic. Thank you.What are some reliable ways to buy bitcoin with paypal or credit card.Someone has been purchasing Bitcoins using my PayPal account - which was obviously hacked. newest chargeback questions feed 14. questions tagged.According to the FAQ and the list of payment methods, the reason that Paypal and Credit Cards are not accepted is to prevent fraud (by doing a fraudulent charge-back).

With VirWoX you can buy SLL and pay with either credit card or Paypal.Whether they will when the company is collapsing is another story.

The incidence of chargebacks is greatly reduced with secured lending.We are a group of Russian hackers,We will share with you all what we have.

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Browse other questions tagged exchanges mtgox paypal or ask your own question.The phone calls seemed to help speed my dispute resolution but boy did it cost me.Thus most users of such services will inevitably be scammers, and the business will collapse -- possibly while holding your money.

The popular social-news site Reddit said it will now accept bitcoins,.The PayPal structure works based on their policies and the chargeback possibility is offered since it works with credit card or bank accounts attached.Paypal has opened up more to bitcoins over the past year or so,.In short, you cannot (directly) use these to buy bitcoins at exchanges.Use VirWox to buy SLL with Paypal and then transfer that SLL to BTC (has high comission, transaction can take between 1 hour to 2 days).Paypal can deny a claim, but a credit card chargeback (or fraudulent credit transaction chargeback) supercedes that.

Adding a payment platform to your ecommerce website is inevitable.

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Qiwi charges 0.75% for payments with a card, and Metabank charges 4% commission for such an exchange (the exchange rate is the current price at MtGox).Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin.

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So this second scammer contacts me and wants to do business with PayPal.

As such, it is more resistant to wild inflation and corrupt banks.

BTCROBO: Instant Exchange Bitcoin to Paypal is an easy to use Bitcoin to Paypal exchange offering fast.Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin. Facebook. debit cards or PayPal depending on your. easily by simply calling your credit card company and requesting a chargeback.Sell bitcoin fast with PayPal (Instant And No chargeback) by h0o0bA.Help avoid disputes and chargebacks. may open a dispute or request a chargeback when they believe that a purchase or other transaction was made using their PayPal.Some people may think that while Bitcoin removes risks of fraudulent chargebacks.As of now, 10.35799117 BTC was spent out of 22.51357574. If you have ideas for the remaining BTC, see here for more info.

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So I exchanged with someone over a website to trade my bitcoins for his paypal.I recently sold several BTC on Ebay, I followed the Paypal rules and I sent all buyers Priority.

You should be able to send money by credit card via Western Union to one of the services supported by one of the bitoin exchanges.If you are a U.S. citizen and dont mind going through an ID verfication process, you can buy bitcoins and litecoins instantly with credit card at.Ideally, I would like to buy them on the MtGox exchange (because the consensus seems to be that this is the most reputable exchange), however I have found the system for transferring USD to MtGox to be very disappointing.That is why the price to convert Paypal to Bitcoin is abit higher.You cannot turn paypal into bitcoin but you can do it the other way around.

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